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Bermuda Sod Pallet

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$499.00 / PA

Bermuda grass is a premium lawn grass that is often used on golf courses. It offers a soft-to-the-touch, walk barefooted, comfortable feeling with its soft, fine blade. It also quite drought tolerant, salt tolerant, and handles wear from heavy foot traffic!  It performs best in full sun but offers moderate shade tolerance too. Its dense , compact, short growth habit makes mowing less of a chore and weed control less daunting. For successful results, follow our installation and care guide. The recipe for success includes using these key products:
- Sunniland Pre-Plant (soil enhancer & moisture retention)
- Fertilome New Lawn Starter (fertilizer to encourage vigorous root growth)

- Fertilome F-Stop (fungus prevention)
- Hi-Yield Bug Blaster (insect prevention)
- Lukas Iron Plus (premium lawn fertilizer for established lawns)

Home delivery includes offloading with a forklift and placing along the corner of the curb and driveway. Orders are delivered on weekdays only. Weekend delivery dates unavailable. Average delivery turnaround time is 3-5 business days, depending on the supply, demand, and season.

Helpful Measurements:
1 Sod Piece covers approx 2.66 square feet (16" x 24")
Pallet covers approx. 400 square feet (approx. 150 pieces)

At Lukas, we carry only top quality, filed grown, sand bottom based sod, not muck or cow pasture sod. Our sod is freshly cut and delivered in a viable condition. Sod is a perishable product and we cannot control variables such as site soil conditions, water needs, insect or disease, or installation and care once it leaves the farm. Please read and follow our Sod Installation & Care Guide to set yourself up for success!

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