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FelcoŽ Curved Lopper Collection

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Felco® Curved Lopper Collection

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Felco® Curved Lopper Collection
Felco Curved Loppers 23in 1
Felco Curved Loppers 15in
Felco Curved Loppers 15in 1

Felco® Curved Lopper Collection

The FELCO loppers deliver maximum cutting power with ease ensuring pruning larger diameter branches up close or at height does not feel like hard work. The curved cutting head with a hooked counter blade and variable radius on the blade provide power and precision that cleanly slice through wood with ease.

FELCO 211-60
The 60cm / 23.6inch handles give flexibility to cut at different heights and are comfortable to use thanks to the lightweight aluminium handles and the forgiving shock absorbers. Precision, power and comfort, just what you need from a pair of loppers.

FELCO 211-40
These compact, lightweight loppers cut big and smoothly through branches up to 35mm / 1.38 inches.

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