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Golden Canna Seeds

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Golden Canna Seeds
Golden Canna Seeds
Golden Canna Seeds 1

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Golden Canna Seeds
Canna flaccida

Also known as Golden canna or Yellow canna, Bandanna-of-the-Everglades is a robust aquatic wildflower with large, showy orchid-like blooms. It occurs naturally in freshwater marshes and swamps, and along pond and lake margins throughout much of Florida. It is a larval host for the Brazilian skipper; dragonfly larvae have been known to hide in the leaves until they change into adults. Bees and butterflies are attracted to the flower’s nectar.  

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Variety Info:
Large showy flowers resembling orchids are born on branching flower stalks that rise above large lance-shaped leaves. Spreads readily by rhizome.
Lifespan: Perennial
Light exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Bloom color: Yellow
Height (in bloom): 3–5 feet
Habitat: Rich organic soils that are seasonally or annually wet
Each packet covers 10 square feet.