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Rattlesnake Master Button Seeds

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Rattlesnake Master Button Seeds
Rattlesnake Master Button Seeds
Rattlesnake Master Seeds 1
Rattlesnake Master Seeds 2

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Rattlesnake Master Button Seeds
Eryngium yuccifolium

Button rattlesnakemaster (Eryngium yuccifolium) is a peculiar perennial wildflower that occurs in flatwoods, sandhills, savannas and marshes throughout Florida. Its flowers bloom in late spring through fall. They are frequented by a variety of pollinators, but are of special value to native bees. The plant is a larval host for the Black swallowtail butterfly and attracts many predatory and parasitoid insects that prey on garden pests. It also attracts bats.

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Variety Info:
Rough textured clusters of white flowers atop a branching flower stalk. This plant has a very unique look and is great for accents or mixed meadow plantings. Very attractive to pollinators.
Lifespan: Perennial
Light exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Bloom color: White, greenish-white
Bloom season: Mid-spring to mid-fall
Height (in bloom): 2–3+ feet
Habitat: Moist to mesic pinelands, dry to wet flatwoods, open woods, bogs and floodplains

Each packet covers 10 square feet.