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SodPods® Floratam™ St. Augustine

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SodPods® Floratam™ St. Augustine

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'Floratam' St. Augustine is one of the traditional varieties that creates a nice lush lawn for Full Sun ONLY areas.

SodPods grass plugs are a convenient, affordable way to fill in a sparse area of your lawn, create a new lawn, or design other unique natural lawn features. Each grass pod is carefully nurtured to have a fully developed root system, just like your lawn. Uncut, fully developed roots mean less water and maximum planting success. Having a healthy, lush lawn is great for the environment as it creates clean oxygen and provides a safe play area for your loved ones.

Recipe for Success:
- Sunniland Pre-Plant (soil enhancer & moisture retention)
- Fertilome Start-N-Grow (fertilizer to encourage vigorous root growth)
- Fertilome F-Stop (fungus prevention)
- Hi-Yield Bug Blaster (insect prevention)
- Lukas Iron Plus (premium lawn fertilizer for established lawns)
For successful results, follow our installation and care guide found below.


Helpful Measurements:
- 16 Pack of grass plugs covers approx. 36 sq.ft
- 32 Pack of grass plugs covers approx. 72 sq. ft
- 64 Pack of grass plugs covers approx. 144 sq. ft.
- Plant Grass Plugs approx. 18" on center

SodPods are Not Guaranteed:
Our SodPods are carefully packaged and shipped fresh in a viable condition. SodPods grass plugs are a perishable product and we cannot control variables such as site soil conditions, water needs, insect or disease, or installation and care once it leaves the farm. Please read and follow our Grass Plugs Installation & Care Guide to set yourself up for success!

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