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Spotted Bee Balm Seeds

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Spotted Bee Balm Seeds
Spotted Bee Balm Seeds
Spotted Bee Balm 1
Spotted Bee Balm 2

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Spotted Bee Balm Seeds
Monarda punctata

Spotted beebalm (also known as Dotted horsemint) is a robust, aromatic wildflower that occurs naturally in meadows, coastal dunes, roadsides and dry disturbed areas. It typically blooms late spring through fall, attracting a huge variety of pollinating insects, including bees, wasps and butterflies. In winter, it dies back to the ground (in South Florida, to a basal rosette).

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Variety Info:
Leafy, aromatic plants that produce lovely little spotted, tubular, lipped flowers which arise above showy purplish to white bracts. Attractive to butterflies, wasps, and bees. Drought tolerant once established in well-drained soils.
Lifespan: Short-lived perennial; occasionally perennial
Light exposure: Full sun to high pine shade
Bloom color: The pinkish-purple to white bracts are the showy part of the inflorescence; flowers are cream to honey colored.
Bloom season: Summer to early fall
Height (in bloom): 3 to 4 feet
Habitat: Dry to mesic sandhills, pine flatwoods and disturbed areas

Each packet covers 10 square feet.